Thank you for considering my work for the position of Assistant Professor of Animated Arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Below is a curated downloadable portfolio featuring  select images/projects, and below that, links to three animation projects. I invite you to also visit my full portfolio and other websites to see the full range of my artistic practice and collaborations: ;

A Joshua Tree Love Story

2019. Shot on Cannon EOS with Dragonframe software, edited with Adobe CC programs. Diorama boxes and backdrops constructed of upcycled materials – paper, wood, paint, wire, plants, dirt, rocks. Hand painted characters made of wire, cloth, paper clay, watercolor, ink, yarn. Original cello score. Trailer available at:


This stop motion animation highlights my climate change Joshua tree research by showcasing the unseen world of species interactions in the national park, and challenging scientist stereotypes – in this case a mother and her child in the field. Connecting with viewers on a personal level, I parallel Joshua tree extinction with the animated aging of my baby into an old man, emphasizing that species loss can occur within a human lifetime. To highlight the beauty of symbiosis, I created backdrop paintings for the animation, done in the style of the abstract work Seeking Symbiosis included in this portfolio. This animation is accompanied with an emotional cello soundtrack as opposed to a didactic verbal narrative so viewers can form their own relationship to the work. This film opened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, won best film at the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honors Society Art and Film Festival, and screened at the Black Rock Gallery in Joshua Tree National Park, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Harrison House of Music, Art, and Ecology, and the Norris Center for Natural History. 

The End of the Line - Tree 3

2020. Digital animation.


Joshua tree named Luna currently living in Joshua tree National Park and a participant in the online dating site  Joshua trees are impacted by climate change and may be gone from the national park within 100 years. In this exploratory art piece we see what could happen to Luna as the climate changes too fast for her to survive. As Joshua trees die slowly in nature, this animation connects viewers to the experience of Joshua tree death and thus provides a stronger visual understanding of the impacts of climate change. Original music score by Jake Harrower.

Discovering Desert Algae

2019. Paper clay, paper mache, rusting paint, watercolor, paper, algae oil, wire. Shot with a Cannon EOS80D, utilizing dragonframe and adobe software. Soundtrack by Jacob Harrower.


Stop motion animation inspired by my desert ecology research and Dr. Valerie Flechtner’s algal research in Joshua Tree National Park. In this animation viewers discover the algae that form lichen and soil biological crust symbiosis that add to the health of desert ecosystems.