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Official selection at Palm Springs Film Festival

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Join us March 27th - 31st at the Palm Springs American Documentary and Animation Film Festival - one of the largest US documentary film festivals - where we will premier our stop motion animation "A Joshua Tree Love Story"!

A Joshua Tree Love Story is a stop motion animation that follows a scientist and her baby doing research across Joshua Tree National Park to understand why the Joshua trees are dying. Based on a true story about the work of Dr. Juniper Harrower who studies Joshua trees and their symbiotic partners under climate change, this animation draws on real science discoveries and magical realism to uncover the hidden world of species interactions. In this story we learn about the delicate balance between the trees and their only pollinators (teeny moths!), and then we dive underground to explore the fascinating world of Joshua tree soil fungi by peeking inside of the trees’ root cells! As a researcher and mother, Harrower realizes that we will need to take action if we want to keep Joshua trees around for our future generations, but is it too late? This story reaches a critical climax as they make some bold decisions and then we flash forward into the future to find out what happens.


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