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Juniper Harrower copyright © 2011-2019

Wine and fungi as mediums

Through a process of oxidation, reduction, chemical change, and light manipulation, I stain and color heavy watercolor paper with red wine as my medium. Additionally I use India ink and pigment that I collect and prepare from the common ink cap mushroom Coprinopsis atramentaria - edible except when paired with alcohol. When consumed together, they become a poisonous concoction, making this duo a particularly powerful combination to work with. Every wine has a different shade, changing also upon oxidation to various timepoints and light exposure. I have worked with and developed this medium for over two years learning the particular movements and interactions of these substances with the resultant color combinations and timescales. When the piece is complete, I halt the oxidation process with a fixative, and then apply a final sealant to protect against UV damage.