May - August, 2019                       MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation
August 2nd, 2019                          Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose CA
October 18th - Jan 20th 2019         Black Rock Gallery, Joshua Tree National Park CA
October 18th 2019                        Genomics Institute, Santa Cruz, CA
November 9th, 10th 2019              Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA
November 14th, 15th 2019            Norris Center for Natural History, Santa Cruz, CA
November 20th 2019                     Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain
December 2nd-15th 2019               COP25 Climate Change Conference, Madrid, Spain 
March 5th 2020                            Cal Academy of Sciences, Women in Science event, SF, CA 
March 27th-31st 2020                    Palm Springs Documentary and Animation Festival, CA
April 11th 2020                             Cal Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA     
August 27th 2020                          Ecoartspace, online
October 4th 2020                          National Endowment of the Arts and Harrison House, online 
October 18th 2020                        International Society for Experimental Artists, Montreal
November 6th-8th 2020                 Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Honors Society Art and Film Festival, online
November 12th - June 30th 2021    Sesnon Gallery and Genomics Institute, online  
November 23rd 2020                    Broto Affinity, Climate-Art-Science, online
April 2021-2022                           Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, North Carolina