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 Artist Bio


Specializing in multispecies entanglements under climate change, Dr. Juniper Harrower works at the intersection of ecology and art. Her multimedia art practice engages quantitative science, traditional and new media to illuminate species interactions and question the ways that power structures and systems of knowledge are involved in environmental change. A founding member of the international arts collectiveThe Algae Society Bioart Design Lab, she also founded the environmental arts studio SymbioArtlab which contracts with national parks, universities, and the private sector to impact environmental change. Her research is published in both science and art scholarly journals and has shaped environmental policy. She is a National Science Foundation iCorps Fellow, an Oakland Teaching Fellow, and a Cota-Robles Fellow dedicated to advancing opportunities for multicultural societies. Her work has been exhibited in the US and abroad, and her research and artistic products have received wide exposure in popular media such as National Geographic, Kunstforum International, Atlas Obscura, KCET Artbound, the associated press, podcasts, music festivals and conferences. Harrower is the director of the art+science initiative at UC Santa Cruz and teaches art at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.

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Image credit: Brittany Hosea-Small

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