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The Harrower Studio is an interdisciplinary art studio and ecology lab focused on the environment as a site of knowledge production. We take a new media research approach to understanding multispecies entanglements under climate change, through our practice of sustained ecologies of care. Ecosystem health is also fundamentally a social issue and thus intersects with many other social justice concerns. Drawing from the environmental humanities, contemporary art, and community ecology, we consider how power structures and systems of knowledge are involved in environmental destruction. We collaborate widely across disciplines and with communities to engage in site-specific reparative work. Material agency is an ongoing theme across our research and we utilize  both science methodologies and multimedia artistic approaches as we work to repair and vision sustainable futures.


Juniper Harrower Bio:


Specializing in multispecies entanglements under climate change, Juniper Harrower works at the intersection of ecology and art. Through a multimedia art and science research practice, she considers the ways that humans influence ecosystems while seeking solutions that protect at-risk species and promote environmental justice. Harrower received a PhD in plant ecology from UC Santa Cruz, an MFA in art practice from UC Berkeley, and a teaching credential focused on education for multicultural classrooms. 


She has collaborated or exhibited with: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Berkeley Art Museum, the Getty, California Academy of Sciences, Santa Cruz Museum of Art, Wolf Museum, Wignall Museum, Cameron Art Museum, Museum of Art and History Lancaster, Fort Mason Center, Palm Springs Museum, RMIT Australia, Universidad Complutense Spain, Entre y Arte Buenos Aires, ISEA Montreal, and Joshua Tree National Park among other places. 


Harrower is the recipient of several awards such as the Cota-Robles Fellowship, UC Berkeley MFA Fellowship, Andrew Mellon Foundation, National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Americorps Fellowship, Hammett Fellowship, and received the highest ranked dissertation award by Leonardo MIT press. She publishes in academic  journals across disciplines and her research and artistic works have received wide exposure in popular media such as National Geographic,  Kunstforum International, KCET Artbound, Atlas Obscura, the associated press, podcasts, music festivals and conferences. Harrower founded and directed the art+science initiative at UC Santa Cruz, has taught art at UC Berkeley, and is an assistant professor of studio art at Reed College. 

As a first generation community college transfer student, she believes that junior college is a critically important resource to promote equity in education.

Current work happening at her studio can be found on Instagram @juniperharrower and

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Image credit: Brittany Hosea-Small

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