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Specializing in species interactions under climate change, Dr. Juniper Harrower works at the intersection of ecology, art, activism and policy. She uses rigorous science methods and a multimedia art practice to investigate human influence on ecological systems while seeking solutions that protect at-risk species and promote environmental justice. A founding member of the international arts collective The Algae Society Bioart Design Lab, she also founded the environmental arts production company SymbioArtlab which contracts with national parks, universities, and the private sector to impact positive environmental change.  Her research is published in both science and art scholarly journals and has shaped environmental policy. She is a National Science Foundation iCorps Fellow, an Oakland Teaching Fellow, and a Cota-Robles Fellow dedicated to advancing research for multicultural societies. Her  work is exhibited locally and internationally in galleries and museums, and her research and artistic products have received broad exposure in popular media such as National Geographic, the associated press, podcasts, music festivals and conferences. Harrower is the director of the art+science initiative at UC Santa Cruz where she also teaches art.

Artist Statement:

As an ecologist and multimedia artist, I specialize in species interactions under climate change. I am greatly interested in the processes by which those interactions break down and their resulting environmental consequences, currently witnessed as massive species extinctions, forced migrations and the mistiming of biological events. Approaching these topics as an interdisciplinary researcher, I engage diverse communities on local and global issues to understand how ecological research that is connected to an arts practice can impact social change. These inquires begin with a thorough research process that unfolds through scientific investigations, writing, abstract artworks, animations, and a socially engaged arts practice. Material exploration figures largely into my practice as I manipulate the physical and chemical properties of paints and pigments in my work, encouraging a deconstruction of procedures while raising questions about new possibilities for creation and relationships. I translate and reflect my science discoveries into the artwork, yet present it in a non-didactic way that leaves room for unique interpretations of the work. The resultant symbolic representations and interdisciplinary narratives provide unexpected ways to engage with species and environments, encouraging a radical reimagining of our relationships as living beings on this planet.

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