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Art/Science Book:
Bees of CA - Art, Science, Poetry

Wild bees provide important pollination services but are gravely endangered. This book uses art and science to catalog the amazing diversity of bees in California. Over 20 stunning full color illustrations and haikus were contributed by up-and-coming young UCSC artists and poets. The book also describes bee ecology, decline, and how to support wild bees in your backyard.

The "Bees of California: art, science and poetry" book by Hamutahl Cohen and Juniper Harrower, is a collaborative response to this tragedy as well as an appreciation of the beauty and importance of bees. The ecological, taxonomic, and artistic work in this book is based on real-world research but paints the problem of bee diversity and bee population decline with art and poetry. 

Bees of California is available through Amazon and at the Norris Center for Natural History and the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History.

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