an eco clothing label
by Juniper Harrower

Founded by Juniper Harrower with support from NSF icorps and IdeaHub, Seeking Symbiosis is a new, ecological clothing design company. At seeking symbiosis we design stylish prints for clothing and accessories of species interactions found in nature, and connect the designs to the research that inspired it through a website. We pair ecological scientist who are top in their field, with great artists who work with the scientists to design the images. We currently employ 4 part time designers, a project manager and one intern. Our work also has a strong interdisciplinary education and outreach component as we train students to give talks at festivals and events about the ecological interactions and the tools for onsite screen printing of the designs. 


We aim to make science sexy and accessible! 

Visit Seeking Symbiosis website



Chris Clarke, 2018. The Joshua Tree: Myth, Mutualism and Survival. Co-published with KCET Artbound and The Mojave Project.

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