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an eco clothing label
by Juniper Harrower

Seeking Symbiosis is an eco-educational design company founded by Juniper Harrower in response to climate induced species loss. We work with artists to design beautiful graphics of species interactions that link to the scientific research that inspired them, to educate people about our complex impacts on ecosystems and to inspire stewardship. We pair scientist who are top in their field, with talented artists who work with the scientists to design the images. We organize community art action events to spread critical environmental education and empower citizen artists to co-create with us.This project is supported by the National Science Foundation and start up incubator IdeaHub.


We aim to make science sexy and accessible! 

Visit Seeking Symbiosis website


Seeking Symbiosis black logo.png

Chris Clarke, 2018. The Joshua Tree: Myth, Mutualism and Survival. Co-published with KCET Artbound and The Mojave Project.

Juniper Harrower, 2016. Seeking Symbiosis launches with IdeaHub.

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