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Juniper Harrower copyright © 2011-2019

Hey Jtree: An online dating site to meet Joshua trees!

Hey JTree is an ongoing participatory art research project and on-line dating site for meeting Joshua trees. The goal of Hey JTree is to actively enhance interaction between research,  visitors to Joshua Tree National Park, and on-line audiences with collected data from individual trees using text, photographs, art, and short video clips of charismatic Joshua trees set to music. This project is part of my art residency through Joshua Tree National Park, and includes curated contributions from over 40 artists, writers and musicians.

As park visitation is soaring to record highs, The need to teach people how

to respectfully visit the desert is vast and urgent. This also includes counteracting irresponsible social media posting that shows images of visitors show violating park rules that are intended to promote conservation. Images such as drone usage, feeding/touching animals, rock or tree graffiti, and climbing Joshua trees have been described by park staff as one of the most difficult challenges they currently face as managers.

Visit Hey Jtree and meet the trees!

Educators - Pair this project with our Joshua tree curriculum unit!