Art-science program development

Using a variety of traditional and novel natural history illustration practices, I create art and programming to impact environmental policy, educate students, facilitate art and science collaborations, and for public outreach.

Working with the UCSC Norris Center  for Natural History to develop arts and science programming, I help to create and implement art opportunities within the sciences at UC Santa Cruz and nearby communities. This involves building art/science curriculum, developing and running an art-science residency for faulty and students, as well as creating and teaching a new art-science integrated course. My work, as well as that of the students that I teach and mentor, has been used for public outreach and education, including a published book on bee population decline, a book on species loss, multiple field guides, academic publications, and a public outreach project on the impact that a US/Mexico wall would have on biodiversity. Other outcomes include multiple student art shows and sales, use of student art in science talks, and natural history themed artist workshops and events.


Jonathan Wosen, 2019. UC Santa Cruz program brings science to life through art. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Jennifer McNulty, 2019. Public invited to view Norris Center art-science residency projects. Tuesday Newsday.

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