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US/Mexico border biodiversity project

To build a wall that separates the United States from Mexico is a costly political act shrouded in misunderstandings that will have direct consequences for the many ecosystems and species that exist at or near border habitats. To draw attention to and inspire dialogue about this issue, I am working with undergraduate student Alejandra Rueda and others to create illustrations of the organisms that will be impacted by the creation of a US/Mexico border wall. Illustrations are screen printed at public events onto garlands of small flags inspired by the “papel picado” tradition and sent to activists and educators in Mexico as a symbol to unite us in solidarity against this damaging political act.

All are invited to our participatory art project presentations and discussions. See the updated listings here.


Weston Gray, 2019. Blocking the Road Home: US/Mexico Border Biodiversity Project at intersection of border policies. City on a Hill Press.

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